Fighting for the

Brave Souls

Who Have No Voice

We Make Adoptions Easy.

Follow these 3 steps to adopt your new best friend.
1. Find your dog
Go to our adoptions page and find your new best friend.
2. Fill out application
Visit the application page and complete the form.
3. Pay adoption fee
Once approved, please pay the adoption fee.

Help us rescue a dog today.

We believe that every dog has a story worth hearing and a heart worth loving.
Underdog Heroes rescues dogs from high kill shelters that are red listed for euthanasia due to illness, overcrowding, abandonment and neglect. In numerous cases, we intervene to safely remove dogs from abusive inhumane living situations.

We feel our soul purpose is to defend the underdogs. There is an undeniable strength these dogs possess that will always prevail. Our rescue provides rehabilitation, training and a safe space to recover and heal from illness or injury, while working to place them in loving forever homes. If you are looking to add a new best friend to your family, consider adopting an underdog. It will change your life in so many ways!
A girl kissing a dogA happy dog being adopted.Rocco
This is GemmaDiva and Dolly the smiling dogs.Momma
  • Rosie

    We rescue animals.

    Every year, over 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized. We're here to change that.

  • Rescue Dog "Candy"

    We do more than rescue.

    From food, shelter, bedding and emergency medical interventions, we make sure that our animals can lead happy lives.

  • Rescue Dog Hero

    We're focused on the true underdogs.

    APPA reports that 34% of dogs are purchased from breeders, while 23% of dogs are obtained from shelters.

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