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Donations save lives.

When you make a donation to Underdog Heroes, you're saving lives and so much more. You're helping us purchase food, emergency medical interventions/procedures, medicine, shelter, and bedding. These contributions provide a better quality of life for our rescued furry friends. You're also helping to sustain temporary foster homes for them until forever homes become available.

The cost to provide necessary medical care from our veterinarian partners is very expensive and regularly exceeds many thousands of dollars. When you make a donation, this helps us provide care to dogs who are suffering from emergent and chronic medical conditions.

We know that it can be hard to decide where to donate when there are so many great causes out there—but we promise that your money will go far with us.
Please pay all

 adoption fees, or make a donation here.

Four big ways your donations save lives
A sick dog in a shelter.
Rescue dogs from shelters
Help us save as many dogs as  possible
A pitbull with a case of severe cherry eye
Medical care for sick dogs
Vet bills can run into the tens of thousands of dollars
A very malnourished puppy
Food for our rescued animals
At any given time, we feed between 10-20 dogs. Many of which  are emaciated due to starvation.
Adopted Goliath Dog
Bedding for all rescues
You would be surprised at how quickly bedding and sleeping pads wear out.
Happy tales &

Recent success stories

All of the dogs shown below are Underdog Heroes Rescue dogs who've been fostered or adopted and placed in their forever homes. Thank you for your donations to make this a reality for these dogs!

Petey, cancer survivor is now fostered and adoptable.
Make a donation
Kiwi, physical abuse survivor is now fostered.
A rescued dog in a cone
Cannoli, from fear aggressive to loving everyone! Adopted and thriving.
Cannoli, the reformed puppy
Sugar has gone from paralysis to full mobility, adopted and livin’ life!
Arya, physical abuse survivor, is now adopted.
Feta was red-listed and extremely dog reactive and is now successfully rehabbed!
A rescued adopted dog
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