Be their hero,

Foster a dog


Before you decide...

The benefits of fostering a dog are huge.

Do you have a big heart, but are unsure about fostering a dog? You can still help! Underdog Heroes is looking for dedicated foster families to care for our rescued dogs while they wait to be adopted.
Here are 5 big reasons to  consider fostering:
It’s temporary! Providing a loving home instead of the shelter environment allows dogs to decompress from anxiety and fear.
It’s 100% free! We provide all supplies and financial support for any medical needs until your foster dog is adopted.
It’s rewarding! Caring for a dog with special needs or injury allows full recovery time and greater well-being.
It gives you endless love! Coexisting with other pets and acclimating to a family increases the likelihood of adoption.
You’re saving a life! Whether you are taking a dog straight from the shelter or a dog at the rescue who needs a foster home, you are helping to make space for another dog in need.
There is nothing more meaningful than knowing your compassion contributed to a rescue dog’s health, happiness, and ability to thrive.

Apply to foster a dog by completing the application form below.

Please complete the form below and once received a representative from Underdog Heroes will contact you.
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